ADDO UPS Batteries

Addo batteries are made in a State-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipped with the latest technology machines for mass production and On-line quality control.The production

equipments include Pressure die casting and superior quality gravity casting machines, paste mixer with automatic controls for weight and temperature control, cone feeder, pester with flash drying oven, curing chambers with steam humidification, automated assembly lines with quality control equipments for each process and a modern charging facility with dilution plants, chillers, acid filling machines and leveling machines, along with chargers equipped with auto Ah controllers.

Sophisticated process controls and excellent systems, backed by a team of highly motivated and professional manpower with ISO9000 certification, promise a level of quality and consistency that ensures customer delight. Addo batteries are subject to torturous quality checks at every stage of its manufacture. To do so, the plant is equipped with the latest that technology has on offer, such as OES, Weld checkers, Short Circuit Testers, Air Leak Testers, HRD Testers, a fully equipped Chemical Lab, sophisticated Electrical Test Lab with Life Cycle Testers, Midtronics Tester, etc.