OKAYA UPS Batteries

OKAYA produce World Class Batteries for various Industrial & Domestic utilities. The products includes for Telecom, Railways, UPS, Inverters, Photovoltaic, EV projects etc.

Having five manufacturing plants, each specializing in different sphere of the industry has made it possible for OKAYA to harness the World's latest technology, perfect it and incorporate it in its product range, for the user's benefit. Through its consistent focus on quality, company awarded by ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications.


  • Double Thickness Plates for longer life.
  • Side wall design to maintain structural integrity in high operating temperatures.
  • High-Efficiency Grid Design for enhanced performance.
  • Extra large container for less frequent water top up.
  • High acid volume per AH to avoid battery going dry for longer time.
  • Low self discharge for longer shelf life.
  • Ceramic water level indicator for ease of use and condensing oxygen & hydrogen vapors.
  • 99.994% purity lead which enhances performance
  • Daramic USA PE Envelope Separator which eliminates infant failures.
  • Factory charged for longer life.
  • Quick Recharge & Easy Maintenance making it suitable for frequent power cuts.
  • Heavy duty terminals suitable for carrying desired current.